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Anyone who donates will recieve either a watch, multiple favourites, and/or comments.

Wanting to buy two Chaotica Studio Licenses. All points will be transferred into Premium Membership, freeing up money for the licenses.

Will be gifting one license to someone in the Apophysis community, doing a raffle when the time comes, and to a friend who will help me render MOAR FRACTALS!!! It's going to cost me $216 for two licenses, and $200 for a 7 year PM is enough for this.

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Still Fractals
Evil Gods by Quie-Scent
Tree of Life... and Death by Quie-Scent
Quantum Heaven by Quie-Scent
Spherical=Cpow Bipolarx3 Butterfly--Swirl CHAL. 4 by Quie-Scent
Chauvinistic by Quie-Scent
Coral Hexad by Quie-Scent
Looking to have a nice fractal to accommodate as your desktop wallpaper or phone wallpaper? I can make fractals that do so! My inspiration is wallpaper art, and therefore, I love making fractals as such! I will put it up for others to look at and buy, but you get to buy it at less the price of whoever else buys it at for premium content! Normal price would be 150 points or $1.50 per. I'm going to do it for 120 points or $1.20! Just tell me what you want it to look like, for instance, the color scheme, 3d, 2d, etc. You can definitely look at what I've made so far to get an understanding of how your fractal should look like. I have loads of plugins to use!
Traditional Abstracts and scapes - 9x12 OR 16x20 Canvas Paper
Birthday Present by Quie-Scent
Violaceous Transcendent by Quie-Scent
Cerulean by Quie-Scent
Purple Candy by Quie-Scent
Armistice by Quie-Scent
By The Sea Shore by Quie-Scent
I'm looking to draw scapes and abstracts for those who want to get one done for them. I'm excellent at your average landscape or waterscape, but I'm even better with abstracts. Prefferably I do 3d abstracts, but if you like 2d, that's fine. More picture examples coming soon. Price is pointed 30 cents below the cost of the canvas paper.
Traditional Abstracts - Mixed Media Paper
I use watercolor pencils on mixed media paper and canvas [soon]. Mixed Media Paper is not ideal to work with. But it can get most of the job done.

My abstract examples are as follows:
Hue INTENSity by Quie-Scent Party Hard! by Quie-Scent
Malfeasance by Quie-Scent Schmutz by Quie-Scent
Interstellar Incandescence by Quie-Scent Everything! by Quie-Scent

Do you like Traditional Art or Digital Art abstracts? 

18 deviants said Both
10 deviants said Digital Abstracts
8 deviants said Traditional Abstracts
4 deviants said Mixed abstracts
2 deviants said Neither

Now on iTunes

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 10, 2014, 2:08 PM
Unfortunately, my computer decided to quit being able to render fractals! So I've been working on music instead. Which is the best part!!!

Now, with TuneCore, my music is on iTunes!

Search "Kelpalots" for my music in the iTunes app, or go HERE!!! 

NOW available of BANDCAMP!  Go here!

Will be available elsewhere as the month passes.

A little about Techance: It first started when Techno was too fast, too repetitive, trance was too slow, too repetitive, and Quie-Scent AKA Kelpie/Kelpalots wanted to make music that had instruments in it as well. It came about to be a broad genre, to which people would like to listen to, if they liked a lot of three different genres. It was like listening to classical music, except for using actual synths instead of instruments. There is the psytrance variance to the mix, as there are also elements of trippy music to the touch. One must simply not listen to techance without knowing it's a story for every song first!

Love you much, community, and thanks for making my art and music possible.

Note To Self: Groups

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 26, 2014, 5:01 PM
Groups - Submission Rate:
:iconall-sunset-photos: - Unlimited Submissions
:icondigital-gallery: - Unlimited Submissions
:iconda-birds: - 1 per 7 days
:iconliterature-accepted: - 1 per day
:icondigitalabstractcraze: - 3 per day
:icondesktop-artwork: - 2 per day
:icongraphic-artists: - 10 per day
:iconwatercolorartists: - 10 per day
:iconwatercolorpromarker: - 1 per folder per day
:iconwatercolorlovers: - 1 per 7 days
:iconpaintinganddrawing: - 1 per folder per day
:iconallthingstraditional: - 2 per 30 days
:iconanything-traditional: - 1 per 7 days
:iconthe-exhibition: - 3 per day
:iconxtremefractals: - 2 per day
:icondailyfractalfeatures: - 1 per folder per day
:iconfractals-in-mono: - 2 per folder per day
:iconclassicallydigital: - 2 per folder per 7 days
:iconawesomers: - 5 per day
:iconabstractstuff: - 4 per 7 days
:icondigitalart-ists: - 1 per day
:iconwe-re-digital-artist: - 1 per 7 days
:iconall-about-abstract: - 1 per 365 days
:iconabstract-freak: - 1 per day


Journal Entry: Sun Jun 8, 2014, 7:29 PM
Today I've learned I take way too many pictures to upload all of them in a single day. I also have a variety of mediums of art. This leads me to believe I should organize when I upload what for my watchers. I will put them in order of threes for each day, first to last in greatest preference to least preference:


Fractals, Animal Photography, Traditional art


Animal Photography, Traditional Art, Digital Art


Traditional art, digital art, fractals


weather, landscapes, waterscapes photography


landscapes, waterscapes, fractals


Still life, fractals, traditional art


other photography, weather photography, literature

I will upload only 5-10 deviations a day.

New and Upcoming Lit.Series: Crashing

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 7:19 PM
This series is about a girl with Schizo effective and PTSD. I put it in nonfiction because the story is very much about myself. The story is about the ramblings I endure every day that never stop coming forth from my mind. It is the things I deal with in life and how I deal with them. I speak my mind without a drop of anxiety about what might happen if I speak my mind about these subjects I think/talk about. Much of it is realistic, that is for you to discern what is realistic and what is not about this. Those of you out there who know what is realistic; hear me out, this story is for you...

I type up two pages a day. For each chapter, there will be 10 pages. All of these can be read out of order, but you might not understand what I'm talking about as there is a subtle connection between each page before it.

Chapter 1:

1.0:  Crashing - Chapter 1: It BeginsI start to hear them surround me. They tell me I'm not innocent and everything I have "done". They want me to think I'm suffering from illusion, and that I literally smoked weed since I was 16 years old, which is totally not the case. I smoked weed when I was 20 and so on forth, because I was ill enough to almost die. I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink enough liquids to keep hydrated, I couldn't even stand.
They tell me I'm an illegal immigrant, that I moved 15 pounds of marijuana to california. They say I am desperate for attention. They tell me I victimize myself, and what's worse they tell me I lie. They even tell me I'm chosen.
I continue to hear lies upon lies flooding the room like echos from above, in every corner of the ceiling. "Quit acting innocent. You're not innocent." I feel hopeless and in despair, even though every inch of my body and mind says do not associate yourselves with liars. 
They want to say I'm a pedophile, they want to say I've burned the government. All l
 1.1:  Crashing - Chapter 1.1: BurningExcerpt from my notebook:
I meet my voices who are good government. I beg them to go away, as I thought they were real. I decided that I couldn't be professional enough to not burn them. I told them to leave at once. Even the president of the united states. It was all I could afford to do. Deal with those who torture me instead. Those who want to harm me. The truth must come out, I thought, as I wrote down my thoughts. But I MUST keep them to myself, for I don't want to cause any trouble...
I continue to understand the government way too much. I've come to the conclusion that I encompass people and retrieve information without free will. I see their projections, and for some reason I continue to burn them while moving around in my house... I feel so hopeless, I AM NOT the professional they thought I was. I beg them to leave. "Leave at once! I don't want to burn you!" My mother looks at me funny... "Honey, they don't even exist... we're no longer going to watch Burn Notice an

1.2:  Crashing - Chapter 1.2: Can't RememberCan't remember what happened yesterday, I thought whilst my neurologist asks me what happened. "It's time we take you into the hospital for a 48 hour run of the mill EEG testing, since we couldn't find anything in the 30 minute test last time." I couldn't believe I had to do this again. It is a relief and kind of scary.
I'll be bringing my art supplies, since that will help him figure out whats going on. In the Natural. No cannabis. Cannabis helps with my seizures, so I have to get off of it. Injected with the chemical byproduct of CBD from the liver, I no longer have seizure activity, but it's illegal in Kansas. So I can't smoke it or anything, myself. The testing I went through at home produced no results since I was injected yesterday, even though normally flashing lights and colors kind of spike my brain. Not really entirely a seizure activity worthy experience, but definitely alarming to kind of do that. It's like I go into a trance on top of this weird feeling I get.
So I come ho
 1.3:  Crashing - Chapter 1.3: Judgement Calls"No, I did not burn the whole entire experience, or the government." The government astral projected in areas of my house in which I could not see, but hear instead. Their vibrations could be felt throughout my body.
I was injected with DMT. I became the horizon point. Everything I did, they opposed. If I was compassionate, they became vindictive. If I suffered, they became compassionate. It was like watching a horror movie. I was cursed and blessed with compassion, so when they became vindictive, they destroyed information. So what did I have to do? Teach the government how to do things all over again. It was like teaching a baby. I ended up having to teach them things like love and friendship. I had chips on hand, so I had to help them learn how to share as well. I shared my bag of chips with everyone, especially because they would feel insulted if I didn't. The experience I gained from these alone were tremendous enough to continue to burn more of the experience. I had to

1.4:  Crashing - Chapter 1.4: You WinYou win this game. I keep burning people I don't want to burn. My mother helps me. Asks me to do things that makes me turn around and BAM! There it is. They get burned. Am I stupid? Or are they stupid as well? Or are we all stupid? I know we're only 0.7 or 0.8 on the scale. You know that scale that explains where we're at currently in technology and power usage? Yeah, I can't find it. Not even a single 1. 
Exercept from Wikipedia:
The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize.
We are type 0. I make a sad face. I'm so sad that we still haven't got far enough to be Type 1. And we're furthering our extinction wit
 1.5:  Crashing: Chapter 1.5: Let The World SINGCrash and burn. The government doesn't understand. Cesspools of degeneration upon civilizations. Creation of diseases. Creation of taking over entire cities, companies, what have you. Degeneration upon generates. I know my family was once generate. Now we all have assorted back problems encoded in our DNA. Environmental controls. I get the lethal injection or I burn, despite being intelligent enough to change the world. That's what I see in my "premonitions". That's what this illusion is about.
Creations of my subconscious unbarred ability to think of any possibility. That's what premonitions are really about. The destruction of all my electronics, that is what will occur if I continue to burn this experience in this story. Come play with me. Conspiracy unfold. JFK wanted freedom, and they killed him. Who ever it was, it is still a conspiracy. and the K family knows that it isn't "bad luck" they keep dying off. It's a war against the good families that wish to bring about the ending of

1.6:  Crashing: 1.6: You'll Never See Me...You'll never see me being addicted to anything. I chose to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, but the fact of the matter is, it's horrible. And just because I think it's horrible doesn't mean I won't do it. I know they are stupid drugs, but I certainly rather be OVERLY caffeinated than on heroin or any other REALLY stupid drug.
I've done my fair share of stupid drugs, let me flashback to the time I did the laughing gas:
I did it, and it lasts maybe 20 minutes per small container. I finally came to the conclusion that I would try it one last time, but rather, go big, go home. I did 7 of them. I just sat there in my own shit. It was like that to me. I became so angry, it was like seeing fire in my eyes. The kids were acting stupid. Drunk and high on laughing gas. I didn't want any part of that, and what made matters worse, I became even more aware of how stupid this drug was and how it even worked. I was not a happy camper. I came home raging like no tomorrow. Pissed off at the world for
 1.7:  Crashing: 1.7: DehumanizersOnce upon a time, I lived in a decent house. Decent housing. Even my dad's long to be standing trailer was in such good condition because he put so much maintenance into it. Was probably the best home I lived in, but also the one in another state. The one in Arizona was home to me compared to this trashy place. I got to experience the world there. Eating at decent restaurants, going to decent malls, eating at even Godiva. Yum. Go on ahead, deteriorate Godiva. And my spelling.
Here I am living like trash, on disability. This "house" has bad karma. Makes me act like trash sometimes. And the government wants me to act like a degenerate for living in this trash. I'm not one to be living like this. I demand better living standards. I don't care what kind of disability it seems I might have, but the matter of the fact, the only thing I got standing is this fucked up eye. Which has cost roughly $25k~ my whole life taking care of. That doesn't include the chlamydia the nurse gave me when I was

1.8:  Crashing: 1.8: A Little ReminderI CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT. "In Kansas, you get caught smoking weed." I was ordered to. ORDERED by the government. My livelyhood was at stake. Literally. Since it was my plug. Since I WAS terminally ill. [No telling now, since I receive injections.] The worst thing is yet to come. I get turned into a Rudegirl... If I go to prison, that is. IF I even so much as touch it ever again, I'm fired. I want to stay headstrong, not be a rudegirl. I swear to god, they better not push that red button. That red button will destruct everything in Wichita. You do not want me to turn into a Rudegirl. I will, too. Corrupt me to smithereens, and this will happen. Prison turns innocent people into corrupt people. I'm sick of their shit. I'll become the alpha of the prison. I'll flip shit. I won't stand for anyone's shit. Even if a rudegirl or whatever you want to call their bullshit selves can take me down, just like the girl in the mental hospital, I won't play that shit. I will. take. care. of bu 1.9:  Crashing: Chapter 1.9: I'm Done ForIn this "illusion", I experience a drive by shooting. Left to my own defenses, I use quantum physics to my disposal. Letting the dark energy and matter reflect bullets, making people fly and especially into other people, breaking guns in half. The whole nine yards. A lot of bullets. A lot of dead people outside, and bullet holes all over the place. Surprised the batteries didn't explode already. Must have been pussy bullets. That is certainly a fact. They didn't hurt that much anyways. I know where this leads me.
I know where the premonition leads me. I killed people, and now I must pay the price. But at least I only killed people who were out for blood without the realization of the actual reality concerning who I am.
The energy collects around me, creating a reflection of sound from my music. The high activity of energy has created a possible half singularity, a horizon point, sucked into the point, into the singularity, here we go!
I let their realistic counterparts know I killed th

Chapter 2:

2.0:  Crashing: Chapter 2.0: ENOUGH!"ENOUGH," I screamed loudly to whoever was dropping the prejudice bombs through my throat chakra. "I'm SO sick of your shit, I'm just so sick of this shit." I like Bassnectar, I like dubstep, get over it. I smoked weed, and now I LOVE ALL KINDS OF MUSIC, what you gunna do about it? I'm so sick of this uptight bullshit including the cynical, jaded aspect, and then this shit.
I should have never called myself racist, because now I suffer a curse of racism for the rest of my life. I'm not about to lose this war. I won't suffer racism and prejudism. I definitely will not. This is not me. So I'll call it a fucking tic, because fuck it, and fuck you if you think I'm a racist, prejudistic piece of shit.
I used to call any trash the N word, doesn't matter what color, I was still color blind, but it didn't seem right, so I, in an outrage, called myself a racist fuck. But the matter of the fact is, I didn't think it was cool to say the word to begin with. I was just trolling when I used the word
 2.1:  Crashing: Chapter 2.1: YOU'RE FIRED!"YOU'RE FIRED," I scream at my vagina; whoever it was talking and using my red, grounded, and orange, sexual chakra against me was fired. This crap started after one experience that changed my life forever.
A pedophile amongst my IRC channels. One who talks nasty about children and likes vomit as well. I was obviously raging like a bitch about it after she mentioned something I am too traumatized by to remember. Something that put the fear of God in me. "GET OUT OF MY CHANNEL," I tell the pedohiliac bitch. I promptly ban every single username and IP address/mask that even looks in connection to her. She attempted to bypass my bans so much I even had to put on ignore. Something I rarely, if ever, use. The ignore feature. I was so disgusted. A few teenagers were in my channel and other channels, and I decided to overly react and get that bitch klined. That means she's permanently banned from the whole entire network.
Ever since that overprotective, over-reactive situation, I've met face

2.2:  Crashing: Chapter 2.3: Guide To No AddictionWARNING: I am not responsible for drug abuse or other abuse you may wish to take up if you read this guide. I do not agree with drug abuse, even though I'm an anti-prohibitionist. Educate yourselves on Addiction in any way possible, including spiritually, or otherwise straight science. What you're about to read is how I deal with addiction, or illness in general! :)
iIt starts with A and ends in prison. Or a life without a life. It kills people, it harms people's relationships. It even makes it impossible to get a job or a home. That's right, the anti-prohibitionist doesn't believe in the usage of hard drugs.
My own grandmother was an oxycottin abuser, and that's something that destroyed our lives. But built us up strong. That was our key to no drug abuse. 
Well how does one kick the habit or fight addiction? First thing is first. Never mention anything about kicking the ol' addiction habit. Never mention that, because it will fight you to the bloody core u
 2.3:  Crashing: Chapter 2.3: Guide To No AddictionWARNING: I am not responsible for drug abuse or other abuse you may wish to take up if you read this guide. I do not agree with drug abuse, even though I'm an anti-prohibitionist. Educate yourselves on Addiction in any way possible, including spiritually, or otherwise straight science. What you're about to read is how I deal with addiction, or illness in general! :)
iIt starts with A and ends in prison. Or a life without a life. It kills people, it harms people's relationships. It even makes it impossible to get a job or a home. That's right, the anti-prohibitionist doesn't believe in the usage of hard drugs.
My own grandmother was an oxycottin abuser, and that's something that destroyed our lives. But built us up strong. That was our key to no drug abuse. 
Well how does one kick the habit or fight addiction? First thing is first. Never mention anything about kicking the ol' addiction habit. Never mention that, because it will fight you to the bloody core u

2.4: Crashing: 2.4: Life HistorySo I haven't typed up anything in days. I've been doing all of my lecturing or blogging to my mother. Vocal and externalizing I am, right now. I can't remember what's happened in the past few days. Accusations are getting old. I've been accused from everything to everything. Savant, pot smoker, growing weed in places I never grew them in, smoking more weed than I ever smoked before, on occasion, pedophilia, racist and prejudist, insulting, ectetra. It's getting old. I just take it with a grain of salt, or wheat, if you wish.
I'm becoming more mellow as the year goes by, and it's becoming obvious where my bipolar episodes occur, in-line with my PTSD. Very bizarre to me, and something I should study. The manic episodes coincide with a side order of PTSD episodes, which ends in suicide attempt after suicide attempt. To a point where one of my therapists does a hypnotic session and makes it impossible to overdose on medication, despite doing so.
Most of them end up being related to the gov
 2.5: Crashing: 2.5: High! My Name is-STFU!I think I am the most critical whilst high. I expect everything to be done proper, and I know when to draw the line. I literally am high whilst typing out this page of the story right now. Of course, this might be incriminating, but I'm not going to lie. I even enjoy it for my arts and sciences. I've always gone to great lengths to do research on subjects of interest.
My life as you know it is just all different right after I started smoking cannabis before shit hit the fan with kindling of my disorders. Especially starting to show signs of a personality disorder due to a very massive personality base, I've literally picked up so much information about personalities, concerning my main work on the theories of life itself.
I take a whole entire system a part. I jump into the system in the sixth dimension, and just start pulling information towards me. I can only imagine now, that this means that anyone can achieve this. Especially those who want to war.
This cat came out of no where in

[updated on a regular basis]

May 2014 Features

Journal Entry: Sun May 25, 2014, 10:59 AM

This Month features Traditional Paintings and Photography. This list will be HUGE! Let's begin!

Traditional Paintings:

Leitch Hall Renovation Site III by PonderHope Mrs Turtle by ThalassaNord Maze 1 by DPasschier
Travel on water. by AnnaArmona Danzantes - 1992 by andresbestardmaggio Watercolor: Sailboat by LOOMcomics
Raining stars by GatesOfTomorrow Bouquet by vogesen Real emotion by Lustuad Enchanted hill by MissPoe
Princess of Whales Parakeet Coaster by MadalynC El Elegido - 1992 by andresbestardmaggio Lachrymal tarn by Gavenia The Great Attractor by calebvoorhees

Photography - Animals and Invertebrates:

Adorable by DPasschier  0780 By Heardbydeaf-jemgirl by jemgirl St. Louis zoo by I-SHOOT-RAW-PHOTOS On a Tree by JuliGreyRainbow Lorikeet by Painted-Nightmares_0o0 by sage666ARTReady for a closeup by jamberry-song 

Snail by JuliGreyLubber by flowerhippie22Greetings From Mr Fly by Kitteh-Pawzdrink up by crimsonray I'm a Bee by Neiot Bug 3 by kiew1
Green Anole by flowerhippie22Wave! by rainylake Kermit2 by BungEye

Photography - Plants:

Marked 4 by MechanicalLazarus Feel by Mosalifu Sunny 2 by OlivierAccart
Triumph Tulips by KrisVlad Railway in a Yellow Sea by KMourzenko Lovely Lavender by Painted-Nightmares
Tender by JuliGrey Poppy by nKphotodesign Venus Fly Trap, In Action by MossyLadd

Photography - Nature:

 <da:thumb id="452850843"/> spider net by Shreever caves in Czech Republic by Shreever
Our Way by Syrinasaphir another sunset by NesBf White view by NesBf

More to come from Photography and Traditional art next month!
Now for featuring my artwork. I have a lot, so I'm going to show the best of my traditional artwork!

My Traditional Art:


Sea Me by Quie-Scent Recondite by Quie-Scent Earthy Tones by Quie-Scent
(Com)Passionate by Quie-Scent Nature's Crown by Quie-Scent Three Hills by Quie-Scent


Enchantment by Quie-Scent Party Hard! by Quie-Scent Hue INTENSity by Quie-Scent
Diamond Box by Quie-Scent Geometrics by Quie-Scent Everything! by Quie-Scent


Catebration by Quie-Scent Kitty Paradise by Quie-Scent Persian Kitty by Quie-Scent


Jagged Ribbons by Quie-Scent Workbench I by Quie-Scent Paint Splatters by Quie-Scent


Likes to go by Kelpie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love health science, physics, quantum physics, computers, music, and art. I'm a favourite spammer who loves almost anything but most anime, literature, and definitely not my little ponies. I battle mental and physical illness on a day to day basis, and use art and music to help cope.


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