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Welcome to the world of my music! I am proud to present that I have discovered diamonds in the rough. The same reason I created the tutorials for Fruity Loops Studio 6. While being an old version, Fruity Loops Studio 9 is quite the same! I will be adding my music to be purchased with my fractal art! I use ReFX and VSTi's alongside FLS. My music is 80-90% professional.

I like to create instrumental/electronic music with the genre I call Techance - Meaning Techno, Trance, and Instrumental [quite dance like]. I like to make music that has no drums in it, but rather use instruments that mimic the beat of drums. My music is like a soundscape! Listen to it and experience your own world! I enjoy making rather complex pieces to rather simple pieces. All is very well the best.

I would also like to have your input on which fractals I shall place my music with. When I have the input, I will place music with fractals people enjoy! I might even surprise you with samples!
I would like to thank my community for making me feel quite special! ;) I'm so glad we've gotten this far and so connected. I am now featured in a magazine and I would like to share the magazine with everyone!

I have such a large list of fractals, I will need your help choosing ones to render. I am making my entire list of fractals available for
you to choose from to be rendered, for learning about what different Apophysis plugins do as well as for casual browsing.

List of fractals with the plugins in the name's legend is:
*= meaning a plugin within the same layer/transform
*-- meaning a linked layer/transform
*- meaning the final transform
*I/II/III/IV/V/... means this version has the same plugins, but the values are different
Example: Xtrb=Blur_Pixel Taurus--Log--Wedge- Mobius II
Which means:
Layer/transform 1: Xtrb, Blur_Pixel
Layer/transform 2: Taurus
Layer/transform 3 - Linked to Layer/transform 2: Log
Layer/transform 4 - Linked to layer transform 3: Wedge*
Final transform: Mobius
Version II: with the same plugins used, but different values
* means that even though the usage of the -- is after the second linked layer/transform, it doesn't tell whether it is linked to the second
linked layer/transform or the first layer/transform in the sequence.

Fractals whose names are regular dictionary words are definitions of what I feel my fractal is expressing.

For those who don't know what the plugins make, you can choose based on the generation of the files, such as "Flame1" being the first fractals I made and "Flame 14" is the latest fractals I have made. Every generation has nice fractals, but with each generation comes more complex fractals. If the fractals are simple, then the complexity is with simplicity. You can also choose randomly, as well as choose by what you think the plugin might do. As I render more fractals, you may come to understand what each plugin has an effect on how the fractal looks, if you want to of course.

There may be multiple images for the same flame. To see what generation of flame the images are, look at the name of the deviation or look at the top and it will say:
Apophysis 7x Version 15D - 32bit - C:\Users\Kelpie\Flamex.flame, x meaning insert generation number here.

I make a list of renders people requested in order of the date and time it was requested. Some fractals take longer to render than others, so some requested fractals may take longer to get to. Those who request will be recognized in the description of the fractal. If you don't want to be recognized, please tell me so in your request comment.

Some fractals have already been prerendered. Which means a lower resolution render has been made for your convenience, due to how quick a lower resolution fractal renders. In order to access these lower resolution renders, go here:…

Fractal list links:

Flame 4:
  Flame4-1 by Quie-Scent Flame4-2 by Quie-Scent Flame4-3 by Quie-Scent Flame4-4 by Quie-Scent Flame4-5 by Quie-Scent Flame4-6 by Quie-Scent Flame4-7 by Quie-Scent Flame4-8 by Quie-Scent Flame4-9 by Quie-Scent

Flame 5:
  Flame5-1 by Quie-Scent Flame5-2 by Quie-Scent

Flame 6:
 Flame6-1 by Quie-Scent Flame6-2 by Quie-Scent Flame6-3 by Quie-Scent Flame6-4 by Quie-Scent Flame6-5 by Quie-Scent Flame6-6 by Quie-Scent

[In the process of updating]

Well that's it! Happy requesting!

December 2013 Features - Traditional

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 2:58 PM
This month is about traditional drawings, paintings, mixed media, and animations! Enjoy!

Traditional Drawings:
Expanse by nicostars Memories (2013) by elevonART Bonsai by kornera Augury by AngelaRizza
Night Owl by AngelaRizza a look into a world that doesn't exist by CorinnaMariaArt Rashida Jones Portrait by CuriousGeorge43545 Contagion by AbstractedEye

Traditional Paintings:
Phil the Beer by NewAgeTraveller corrosive intellect by anuvys Break in the clouds - Watercolor by nicolasjolly Sterring wheel demon by strangerklone 
Blushing Trees by weroni Galaxy Owl by decaymyfriend 19 by ElenaShved Infinita Possibilia by AKOrganicAbstracts

Traditional Mixed Media:
Kinetic Symphony by digitalreflexion Prime Sinnuendo by Art-of-the-Seraphim Lacerate by Philliewig alive by mel-an-choly
Poisonous Jungle by Eviant00 Gyarados by Friendermen Zen by Friendermen The Desert by Friendermen

Traditional Animation:
102613 TheHammer by Dragonforge

My December Art:
Firestorm by Quie-Scent Pother by Quie-Scent Rudolph by Quie-Scent Bird In A Tree by Quie-Scent I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas... by Quie-Scent Tall Grass by Quie-Scent 

Favourite Feature and Self Feature - November 2013

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 2:35 AM
This if the first feature I will make. It is only for each month that I will do these. I'll feature random people's art out of the thousands upon thousands I favourite for a guide to the best art on deviantart. People will get recognition and recognize other people's art. They will also look at some of the best art I have from every month!

So here goes!:

This month's features are Fractals based!

Apophysis Fractals:
Tiled Liquids by BoxTailSuccess! by plangkyeFire And Ice by HalTennyLeaves still Fall by ChaosFissureChirality 2.0 by tiffrmc720

Ultrafractal fractals:
Ducks by Nigel-HirstF080913B1B - New Age by GGamsonFátima A by renatamagFire And Moss by FractalEuphoriaDreaming Again by Thelma1

Mandelbulb3d Fractals:
Center Piece by HalTenny#399 by bezo97The Wry Smile of Autumn by bezo97road to Angrenost by Lo-giPink Monoliths by tiffrmc720

Other Fractal program Fractals
landscape with beautiful lights by Andrea1981Gblue seashells by Andrea1981GLife And Soul Of A Party by Anyzamarah2013 - 1739 by iSubmit<da:thumb id="407988542"/>

Now on to self featuring:
Sunrise XXVIII Close Up by Quie-ScentRain Clouds IV by Quie-ScentRain Clouds V by Quie-ScentVariegated by Quie-Scent
Coral Hexad by Quie-ScentQuantum Heaven by Quie-Scent


Likes to go by Kelpie
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I love health science, physics, quantum physics, computers, and art. I'm a favourite spammer who loves almost anything but anime, literature, and my little ponies. I love making fractals, music, and taking photographs. You can find me on Rizon in #uk most of the time, or in my own channel #1337kelpies. I also chat in #aposhack and #sharezone on dA chat. I am active on getwatchers and other groups. I use art as an outlet for battling mental illness and prevent myself from focusing on my physical illnesses.

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